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Lady With Constant Abdomen Pain Left Shocked When Doctors Told Her The Cause.

This is a disturbing story, but you should be aware of it. A lady called Michelle Barrow was experiencing some discomfort in her abdomen. She directly went to gynecologist, who discovered some strange hairs! Barrow shared her story with woman’s magazine called XOJane in September 2015.


At first, the doctor thought it was Barrow’s IUD had been tangled with fibers from a tampon, but no. He ended up pulling out a two-inch-long cat fur ball! The woman and her fiancé have 2 cats Donut and Cricket.

The both cats allowed on the bed, like most pet owners. It seemed like the fur was introduced into Barrow’s abdomen when she sleeps with her fiancé ( having s**), or in a way or another.

She now makes sure that her fiancé took a shower before sex, and she just allows the cat to sleep on the top of the sheets and the bed.

If you have pets you have to make sure that they just sleep on the to of the bed or sheets.

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