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Watch This Pup While Trying To Share His Bone With His Reflection, This Has Gone Viral!

Animals in general can do some weird actions, and the video below shows one of these actions.

The video shows a crazy dog trying to share his bone with his reflection :) how cute he is!
Make sure to watch the video till the end.
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Watch This Awesome Dog Riding on a Motorcycle

This 4-minute video introduces the world to Moki, who is a 5-year-old Goldendoodle that enjoys the open road and high speeds. Watch as he rides down I-580 as the passenger on his owner's Harley Davidson motorcycle, and be amazed by how calm and comfortable he is on the bike.


It should come as no surprise that this video went viral after Moki's owners, Marti and Brad Bakalar, posted it. Moki is so adorable, in fact, that he even places his paws around Brad when they have to stop at traffic lights (check it out about halfway through the video).


But Moki is special, too, because he was rescued by his family. After he had been abandoned and left to starve, he made his way into a boat shop years ago. Brad had been helping his friends in the shop and, when he saw that Moki was in dire need of rescue because he was starving and just skin and bones, he knew he had to adopt him. In fact, Brad says that Moki adopted him, and Brad called his wife to tell her that she better be ready to add a new member to the family.


They have been inseparable ever since. And once Moki went for his first ride on the motorcycle, he was hooked, so now they go riding everywhere together.

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