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The Hunter Girl Commits Suicide After Reading Comments By Animal Activists!

A 27-year-old woman called Melania Capitan was found dead at her house in Spain. She left a suicide note. It is thought that the real reason of this crazy act was 3,000 harmful comments, that animal rights activists send to her, as she was a hunter.

As the hunting was allowed in Spain, as what the president of the Spanish Federation of Hunting says. But these hurtful comments were really violating her rights. Melanie regularly shared some pictures of killed animals. And she was defended herself saying that the for her was just like eating, love, or sleeping. She also wrote "I can't find a clear explanation of why you considered us murders. If you want to eat leeks, just do it. But, if you love eating meat, we do. Let us do what we want, because this activity is legal in this country at this moment."

She also had a court case about these comments. But the case was dropped as it was really rough to find who comment.

Her family and friends have given her tribute, they commented on her pictures that she was 'an extraordinary person' and 'a brave woman'.

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Source :dailymail

Source :dailymail

Source :dailymail

Source :dailymail

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