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Teeny Tiny Dog Afraid Of Human Beings And Rescuers Become Concerned And Decided To Help Her.

When a little chihuahua called Echo arrived at the shelter, it seemed that humans had hurt and abused her in a really bad way. She had been a stray, and fortunately, a kind passerby finally caught her.
They had cradled her in a jacket, and she was hard to handle, but they decided to help her.
She was so afraid, and tried to bite anyone would get close to her. That made the staff worried about the adoption. So they determined that going out to a forest home is better at first.

The person who volunteered to take care of Echo was Trish Aleve, she has huge experiment to treat with dogs as she has had fostered many pooches in the past. Echo came to live with Aleve and her 3 dogs, Taco, Harley, and Buster.

Aleve said that Echo let her touch her just a little but, while she was really nervous.
Days passed and she started to be more curious about her new home and life. The other dogs tried to make her feel more comfortable with her new life, as she was still uncertain about them.

The therapy dog, Buster, gave her a grounding presence and steady, which helped her to be more comfortable.


She gets excited when Aleve comes home, which means that her faith in humans is being restored. She is doing so well and waiting to be adopted.

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If you are not aware of the term then let us tell you that it is an inhumane process of killing those animals that nobody wants or those who have an incurable or painful disease. Kirsty is one of those dogs as she had a serious skin disease that made her lose a lot of her fur. This made her look unattractive and that's why no one adopted her until vet Ranch approached her and saved her from getting euthanized. Dr. Karri got hold of Kristy and she was shaking because of the humans arms around her.


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