Mom Texts And Calls 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Teacher After Her Labrador Starts Acting Strangely – Gets Unexpected Reply.

It is known that dogs are so incredible and many sense of smell. There is a dog Hero had been learned to detect the blood sugar from about 5 miles away! He is trained to detect when his parents’ blood sugar levels are too high or too low. 

He lives in Utah with a four-year-old girl called Sadie, she has diabetes and Down Syndrome. He just has to detect the blood sugar of Sadie. If it becomes to an unsafe level, he will immediately alert her parents.

So, Michele directly sent messages and called Kimberly Stoneman, Sadie’s teacher, because Hero would not stop weeping. The teacher checked Sadie’s blood sugar and she knew that it had fallen to 82 from 122!

Thanks for KC Owen’s, Hero’s trainer, who trained Hero to detect the blood sugar. 

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