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She Asks Her Dog Not To Bark Loudly, His Response Is Hilarious!

Amazing trick

It is so much fun to teach your dog different tricks and skills so that you could make other dog owners jealous. Some breeds learn quickly while some are not so interested in anything other than eating and playing. However, fetch is the game that every dog loves to play. Teaching the dogs different things to do is so much fun and gives the owners lot of happiness when the oblige with you.


This woman has taught her dog a sill that we have never seen before. She taught her dog to bark softly and the dog obliges perfectly. Every time she tells him to bark a little softer, he does so and responds to her command. She keeps asking him to bark softer and softer and there comes a point where the dog is literally whispering and it is absolutely hilarious. He is an adorable and a funny dog and anyone would love to make this dog a part of their family.

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Frozen Dog Transforms Once She Realizes She's Finally Being Rescued

When Andrea Wingard knew that there is a lost dog in a truck yard in Detroit, she was really ready to do what she could to grab her.

Fortunately, the kind drivers, who came across with her, feed her, but she still struggling in the freezing cold. Wingard explained in a post on Facebook that she lost her dog before 2 years, after stayed with her for 11 years, and she showed her desire to get another dog. So, she decided to save the dog and bring her home. So, she went out, and she was helped by a driver to find the stray dog.

Wingard wrote on Facebook that she brought some treats with her for the stray dog, and she took enough time to get them. Wingard called the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, as she knew that she needed some help. The crew directly came and catch the dog.

Wingard wrote that the stray dog is now in a Veterinary care, and she can take her in 4 days, she added that "This will be a very special Christmas!”

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