Learn Secrets About Dogs From Their Tail Movements! Shocking facts To Know

Pet owners usually know a lot about their dogs, from their favorite toys to their moods and all the things they love. However, no one knows their dog like other dogs do and this is because when two dogs meet. They do a lot more than just sniffing and it has got a lot to do with very minute details of the movements of their tails. Humans have a hard time doing so and even if they do observe, they are unable to interpret the meaning of such random movements.



As an example, when a dog wags its tail, it could mean anything besides that he is happy or excited. Moreover, the speed and direction of the tail of the dog is also an important factor in determining the things the owner should know.

Take a look at a few basics told about the dogs' tails in the first picture.

Perked straight up

The first and probably the most commonly seen shape of the tail is when it is perked straight up. It merely means that the dog is showing off its confidence or boldness especially when there is another dog nearby. Maybe it’s his way of telling him that he is the boss there

Straight Out

But if the tail of the dog is straightened out all of a sudden, it could very well mean that the dog is feeling threatened and needs to feel safe. Rub his tummy or maybe keep him close to yourself in order to make him feel safe.


Wagged back

When your dog is wagging his tail back and forth then it could very well mean that he is more interested in impressing you than anything else. You should appreciate and cuddle with your dog to make him feel good.

Limbs are tightened

The dog is really unconcerned when his nose or limbs are tightened and he feels relaxed and comfortable. There is no need to worry as the dog usually do this when they are about to take a nap.


Uncertain threat

When your dog is feeling threatened, he or she would just curl up his tail and open his or her mouth to tell you about the nearby threat. Check the surroundings to make sure that there is no danger nearby

Feel hungry

Dogs usually get into this shape when they feel hungry as they would turn their head down and ask you to feed them. Give them a treat to cheer them up so they could go on and play around.


Feel inferior or ignored

This is a position where the owner should be a bit concerned because dogs take this position when they are around a dog of a better rank. They might feel inferior or ignored and owner should make them feel equally important at that time

They are happy or excited

Usually when the dogs swing their tail to the right, it means that they are happy or excited. However, there are several other ways to translate a wag and it could very well mean something else


Something suspicious

The swing in the tail to the left might mean that there is something suspicious and that the dog has been alert so there’s got to be a reason for this

See someone they know

Also check the speed of the wag because if they see someone they know, like anyone from friends or family, they will wag their tail vigorously to the right. They will do it fast but if they move it rather slowly when they see someone they do not know


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