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Learn about the pet-owner relationship bond by observing their sleeping positions

There is no doubt a pet and owner can develop a very close bond as they continue to live and spend time with each other. In this article we bring you an exclusive look at what your sleeping position reveals about you and your pet.

Scroll down until very last position and find one that most closely resembles how you sleep with your pet. Then find out what it tells you about your relationship with your pet. I was shocked by how spot on it was when I found out mine. Have a look, and don't forget to tell us all about it in the comments section below.

Both of you might be spending quality time together while being completely silent and come together in the bed to reconnect at the end of the day.

So you see the way you sleep with your pet can tell a great bit of detail about your relationship with the pet. Did you figure out yours? Let us know in the comments below.

On the chest

A dog taking a nap on your chest is a sign of deep affection and love. When your pet likes to sleep on your chest it is a sign that it wishes to be as close to you as possible and connect with you even while sleeping. The love and feeling of breathing together and feeling the warmth of each other is like no other. Enjoy while it lasts.

Sprawled Out

Sprawling out all over the bed is a cute sign that pets use to tell you that they are in charge of the bed. This may exhibit some minor control issues. On the other hand, it shows that your relationship with your pet is all about power dynamics. It is good that your pet shows such emotions every once in a while or if it gets continuous, it may show yoru pets very own unique way of sleeping and getting full comfort of the bed. You can enjoy the cuteness of your pet sleeping like this. There is nothing wrong with it.

Sleeping with a pile of puppies

If you sleep like this then you are very lucky to get all the love of your pets. This shows a familial bond between you and your pets. A parent-child relationship may be apparent from this. If it’s the pups then your pets may love you like a pseudo-mother or father. This shows you are all together in comfort as well as in tough times and like to be together with each other at the end of the day.


Cuddling shows a very strong form of affection. The best way to show each other how much you love in the bed is the ultimate cuddle-fest. There is nothing more enjoyable and loving like it. Don’t be shy and feel free to express your emotions and let him express his to you.

On your face

Sleeping on your face shows that your relationship with your pet is (like all other relationships) imperfect. While you two may care for each other deeply, it may be possible for you both to not be on the same page often. You may find it a little uncomfortable trying to pry off the pet to take the breath, but this is still a great way to find out what works best and is most comfortable for you and your pet. Look for compromises to be made and love each other.

Side by side

This is a sign of equality in relationship. This probably means that you think of your pet as a fellow person, and your dog thinks of you as a fellow dog. Both of you have great respect for each other. Give love and companionship to each other as it keeps the relationship going and moving forward.

Foot Warmer

This type of pet thinks of himself as your caretaker and as if it is his responsibility to look after and care for you. This is that cool dynamic for the persons who are possessive about their pets and want them to be always look out for themselves. The ultimate loyalty and caring nature of the pet just show show much of a gem they are to you.

Right in the Middle

This is like a third wheel relationship where your pet likes to get in between you and your partner. While this is not ideal, it may be helpful to realize that your pet may be scared of losing you or wants your attention instead of you getting too much of love from your partner. It is important to set the boundaries and give adequate love to your pet so that your human relationship is not disturbed.

Under the Covers

If you and your pet likes sleeping under the cover it reveals that both of you are playful most of the time sand enjoy spending time with each other in new interesting ways possible. You both care for each other in a very special way. All the great time under the sheets makes morning so much more easier.


This shows that your relationship with your pet is a laid-back, easy-going. You both adjust yourself to the comfort of one another and enjoy the company of each other in all circumstances. Neither one of the partners is extremely needy or require constant attention affection of the other.

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