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People Are Offering Big Reward To Anyone Who Finds The Person Who Tortured This Kitten.

Monsters are real. When we say monster, we mean some evil humans. A monster tortured this innocent creature in Utah. The creature was a kitten called Sage, who was in his yard, when the monster took him and then tortured him.

The poor cat came crawling back home after several days, his face and genitals were covered in hot glue, and all of his toes and legs were broken. Sadly, he passed away shortly after being found. Thankfully, there are many kind people who donate to help Sage’s family pay the bills.

The medical bills were covered by the Humane Society, that will use the extra to find who did that with Sage. A $50,000 reward for who help to find the responsible people, and $20,000 was placed to help other abused animals into a Sage Friend Memorial fund.

RIP Sage.

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