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People Are So Angry At Meghan Markle For Leaving One Of Her Rescue Dog Behind To Move In With Harry

It is a dream for many little girls to meet a prince for one day, to fall in love, and become a princess. That is why the love story between American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has grasped the world’s attention – it’s a fairytale come to life!
The American actress, who has 2 rescue dogs, was forced to one of her dogs after Kensington Palace confirmed that just 1 dog has joined them in UK. 

Guy, her dog, is with her in UK, while Bogart, the other dog, is going to permanently live in North America with some of her friends. The Palace spokesperson said that the decision, that Meghan made, was not that easy.

Meghan’s fans are guessing that Bogart could be so old, which made its trip so across the world hard.

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