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Older Sibling Gorilla Tries To Harass His Baby Brother , Then Mom Steps In To Stop Him

This video proves the sibling rivalry. It does not matter if you are 6 years old or sixty-six, a girl or a boy, you’ll always find time to joke with your sibling. the animal kingdom you belong to, the gender, and the race are all discussing points when it is the time to have fun with your relative. And it is obvious that gorillas are completely the prankster.

Watch these gorillas from the Twycross Zoo in England. I am sure that you can’t stop the video till it ends. There is always something like this in the zoos. Look at this gorilla who is harassing his baby brother by grabbing him many times, how adorable they are. While the baby would always prefer his mom to take care of him. Make sure to watch the video till the end, do not miss this funny footage.

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Just how happy everyone seems is beyond description as the picture says it all. The owner of the dogs and the pig says that people often ask him why isn’t he married and he just shows them this picture. Actually two of these dogs is not his and he is dog sitting two of them but they are still a part of the family.

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Steve is a huge fan of adoption as most of his dogs are adopted and he loves adopting and rescuing different kinds of dogs. The dogs line up on the table to pose for the picture and it surely looks a happy forever family. The collective age of these dog is 99 years.

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Steve has made a habit of posting pictures of the dogs on Instagram and records the day to day activity of the dogs there. The funniest thing is that the pig has gotten along with the dogs so well that she has started to believe that she is one of them.

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The pig and the dogs always keep their dad busy but he doesn’t get tired or irritated at all because he loves them so much. Having so many dogs also means that there is always someone to cuddle with so Steve never ever gets lonely and enjoys their company very much.

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With so many dogs and a pig around, it is no surprise that the lap of Steve is almost never empty no matter what he is doing. He loves playing with all of them and it shows the pig and a cute little puppy sharing Steve’s lap and loving his company.

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The fun time is not over even when Steve is away as they have each other to play with. They love each other’s company and always have a game to play and have a blast. Just take a look at them all cuddled up with each other and they need just a little space to cuddle up and bond with each other.

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