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Newborn Calf Is So Happy After Being Rescued, And Drank His First Milk

When Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, received a call that a newborn calf had been dumped on the side of the street by a dairy farmer, they knew that they had to race the clock to rescue him.

Unfortunately, dairy farmers around the world take the male calves from their mammas just mins after birth, to prevent them from drinking milk.
Animal Aid Unlimited took him to the shelter, and he finally drank his first milk. And he became stronger more and more, he was then named Dil, which means "heart” in Hindi. Thankfully, he was finally old enough to play with older claves, after spending about 2 months in the baby pen.


 The organization was not sure about how he’d react, but they were totally stunned by his reaction.

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Two-Month-Old Pup Abused Within Inch Of Life, But Her Hunger To Still Alive Keeps Her Alive.

Unfortunately, there are so many horrible things happen every day, this is the reality of life. But, there are also good things in life, and this story is one of these things.

In Lebanon, two ladies were just having a day as normal. They saw something moved on the side of the street when they were going to Beirut. When they took a closer look they know that it was a poor pup, and there was something completely wrong.

 The puppy was crushed in all of its body, but the worst thing is that it had a golf-ball size hole. The pup was about to die, so the women decided to help it. Amal Andari, one of the ladies, is a volunteer at Animals Lebanon shelter. 

 When she spotted the dog, she thought that it just wanted to eat and drink, but when she became too close to it, she saw its serious injuries. She said the hole, they directly walked down to her. And it was obvious that she was a little bit afraid of us. But, when they called her, she slowly came, and they gave her water.

She looked to be approximately 2 months old, and the real reason of what happened with her is still unknown. So, the 2 women decided to around to see if anyone knows about her, but no one seemed to know anything about her.

So, Andari and her friend decided to take her to the veterinarian.

 The X-ray showed that this poor pup had been shot many times bullets from a shotgun. Depending on the x-ray, the vet said that her chance of survival is about 25%.
 Andari decided to do what she could to save her, so she named her Bondok and the both women made their move with the innocent pup. 
Andari decided that if this puppy had lasted this long she wanted to do everything in her power to give this little trooper the best possible shot at survival! So she gave her the name Bondok and they made their move.
"She has an appetite for life,” Andari said. "She wanted to live — I believe that.” It was too dangerous to remove the bullets, and gave her antibiotics.

Now, Bondok is doing so well, but the bullets are still in her body. but, the veterinarians said that her desire to be alive will give her second chance in life.
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