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She Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Her Dogs Do When She Is Out. You Will Be Surprised By What You See.

Some dog owners have another dog as they don't want their loyal companion to be lonely.
If there is a friend besides, this makes the dog adapting in an easy way.

So, their mother leaves, they'll not stay lonely. They can play together. But, the owner put a camera to see what the dogs are doing when she leaves them, as she still worried. The reactions of the dogs will shock you.

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Thousands Of Horses Killed During Flight Landing Accident For Horsemeat Market

This story will make you weep if you are an animal lover. 6.5 million pounds of horsemeat was imported by Japan, In 2016.

The horsemeat is used in the sushi dish, basashi. (in crowded conditions) Undesirable horses are laden onto planes and flown to Japan. The horses go without in water or food! During the 18-hour flight, according to reports. There was an accident during landing, in 2012 caused the died of three horses.


Also, on account of brutal situations and the stress. Six else horses had died mid-flight.

Within three days of death. The horsemeat must be eaten, for the best basashi. Because it is illegal to import horses from the United States, the horses are flown out of Canada.

However, it would be no problem for any if the horses are first picked to Canada and then flown to Japan. The producer of research and community outreach for the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition (CHDC), Debby Murtagh calls for that to face the consumer demand for basashi. Japan has to depend on the imported horses to. The CDHC is working to stop the killing of horses for human exhaustion. Fortunately, there are unenforced laws to protect animals.

The campaign manager for Humane Society International Ewa Demianowicz, said that the industry wouldn’t be as profitable as it is if all the laws to protect the horses were followed. Unacceptable and horrifying. Something could be done to protect the dignity and lives of these lovely animals if we can raise enough knowledge.


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