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Man Has Just Been Sentenced To 50 Years In Prison For Animal Torture Videos

Abandoning, torturing or killing an animal is one of the worst things ever, I still can’t understand these people, who abandoned their own animals! This careless act will surely make the person, who does it, a bad person!

This man called Brent Justice has been sentenced to fifty years in jail for torturing animals, according to KHOU-TV. Authorities said that some videos of Brent have been filmed while he tortures and kills kittens and puppies. Brent has been sentenced on 15th of February, Monday, in Harris County, Houston, Texas.

The videos show Brent and his 22-year-old partner, Ashley Richards, who were previously arrested in 2012, crushing and sexually torturing an animal. This time they will face the penalty that they deserve. What do you think?! Watch the video above to have more information.

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