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Man Finds A Lost Labrador At Gas Station, With An ID Tag 'Go Home'

Tyler Wilson saw a nice Golden Labrador wandering near his house in Kentucky, so he directly thought that this nice dog was lost. 

Wilson said that he has seen this dog before 2 weeks in that area. And when he came up and sat beside me, I was really sure that this pooch was lost.

 So, Wilson was relaxed when he saw that the pooch had an ID tag, and that was totally amazing; ‘’My name is Dew, and I am not lost, I like to roam. Tell me go to home’’.


Wilson said that when he read it, the dog and he looked at each other and it is obvious that the dog was OK. He also added that the pooch was really cute, but he didn’t tell him to go home yet. 

I immediately pet him and also hugged him, even I was got a little wet from the rain, but seeing this pooch was really worth it.


Then, Wilson said that he finally knew that Dew is known in the region for greeting people and strolling around. And his owner also said that he has a GPS tracker, so we always know where he is, he loves to make new friends, he just likes to spread the love.


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