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LOOK: Chubby tigers in Harbin had a little too much to eat during Spring Festival

The photos of some chubby tigers at the Siberian Tiger Park outside of Harbin have become viruses in Chinese social media. Many internet users question the dietary habits of animals during the spring break.

"Are you after the spring festival?" Ask a Weibo user for a message with nine photos of chubby tigers. The celebration of the Chinese New Year is a time when sophisticated Chinese city dwellers returned to the countryside, left their mother's kitchen, carried sweatily, did not return, and then a week later, £ 10 more than when they arrived. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Passion for wild animals

Carl Bovard is an animal lovers and he has always had a passion for wild animals. For this reason, he opened a non-profit animal sanctuary in his own backyard in Florida where he lives. He has so much love for wild animals that he takes care of wild cats, alligators and even tiny bears named Bruiser and Honey. There is a placed called Single Vision where he takes care of the animals that have sustained damage from the humans.

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Most probably this baby bear has a disturbed childhood and he must have lost his parents by the hands of the poachers. He was lucky to be found by Carl and found a place to live in Single Vision. Carl is so nice that he is swimming with the bear to make him feel good. The bear doesn't know how to get out of the pool as he struggles a bit and it all looks extremely adorable.

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