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LOOK: Chubby tigers in Harbin had a little too much to eat during Spring Festival

The photos of some chubby tigers at the Siberian Tiger Park outside of Harbin have become viruses in Chinese social media. Many internet users question the dietary habits of animals during the spring break.

"Are you after the spring festival?" Ask a Weibo user for a message with nine photos of chubby tigers. The celebration of the Chinese New Year is a time when sophisticated Chinese city dwellers returned to the countryside, left their mother's kitchen, carried sweatily, did not return, and then a week later, £ 10 more than when they arrived. Watch the video above to have more information.

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German shepherd Was A Victim Of Physical Assault Left Whimpering In The Snow On The Mend

The International Aid of the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) announced that the 8-year-old dog who was found last week on Bucharest’s streets with her tail snapped off, her leg hacked off, and her teeth pulled out.

Spirit, the German Shepherd, had also been sexually abused; and there was a knife left at her side, and it is thought that "Bucharest Butcher”, who is still free, had done this flagrant cruelty.

Anneka Svenska, an animal advocate, found the dog that was quietly whimpering in the snow.

Anneka, who always feeds the strays in the neighborhood, fears that this brutal attack on the German Shepherd was personal, which gave us intention that not to feed stray dogs.

 An emergency surgery was underdone to Spirit at the rescue center of the Dog Rescue Romania, and she will be moving to start her new in Britain to start her new life as soon as she can. 

Animal advocates, staff and vets are totally amazed by how Spirit still trusts humans. The investigations remain active, and we hoped that who did this bad cruelty will be brought to the justice.

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