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Lion Trapped In Underground Circus — Feels Grass For The First Time

Being trapped is the worst thing ever, as you do not know what freedom is! The video above shows a circus lion feeling the grass after being trapped for more than 13 years in Brazil.

The video shows the heartwarming moments when Will, the lion, experiences the feeling of grass and soil, for the first time, under his feet. The lion’s actions are like a small kitten, he just loves the freedom. Watch the video above to have more information.

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This Dog Stays Calm While His Best Friend Cat Plays With Him

Usually every one has a maximum limit for staying patient, But this German Shepherd shows an incredible level of patience.

The video itself is simple enough, but pretty adorable. The dog is happily laying down when his feline friend begins to demand some attention. This cat sure has a lot of personality, but it seems like a lot of that personality involves energetic demands to be played with!

While some of us would be a bit annoyed at the constant demands for attention, it seems like this patient dog knows the true meaning of the word. Even as the cat pulls at his tail he happily sits alongside his cat friend.

It should be noted that this dog is absolutely free to leave the situation if he was ever in any pain or real annoyance. However, he continues to let his cat friend jump and play all over him throughout the entire video.

It seems like this beautiful German Shepherd honestly enjoys the company of his cat friend. Even when she's pulling and pushing his tail around, the dog remains happy and calm! It doesn't get much cuter than this!

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