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Lion Has A Crazy Seizure After Chasing Wildebeest, Where Tourists Couldn't Stop Laughing!

Some horrible footage was captured when a lion suffered a seizure after hunting its prey. It was obvious that the lion was in distress, its paws in the air, and its back on the ground. Suddenly it fell on the ground and started shaking without any control on itself, it was really suffering. Fit.Paul Botting, who recorded this incredible moment in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa, said that the lion chased a wildebeest, and he started recording after the lion stopped.

He added that they talked to some other travelers who said that the lion would possibly be fine. But when the video was online, the viewers were really shocked, and it is heard that one of the tourists said ‘’I have never seen this before’’. The video on YouTube was seen by more than 600,000 people, and it was shared more than thousand times. The viewers in general expressed their outrages about the laughing of the tourist, and the viewers said that it is not funny!

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