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Hummingbird Refuses to Leave the Dog Who Saved Her Life

This story speaks about a puppy, who struggled in his childhood until he was protected by an infant hummingbird, who was saved by him!



The small bird declines to leave Rex’s side after he saved her! It was clear that the dog has a forever companion. How loyal! Watch the video above to have more information.


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Child's Brain Scan Image Makes International Headlines. Now His Parents Are Warning Others

Becoming a parent for a child is not an easy thing, you have to be aware of all things that your children may face, there are several harmful things you do not know, so you have to take enough care of their children to prevent any possible harmful things that would happen. 

Usually, most parents are aware of just the normal things, so some parents have to learn how to take care of the hard things.

When Chen Chen, a Chinese toddler, was just jumping on his bed, he slipped in mid jump on a ball and fell off the floor. But his landing was really worse than what is expected, the head of the toddler had managed to land directly on an electrical plug with three-prong which was on the floor.

Luckily, his land was right on the prong, which caused it to insert into the upper left side of his small face. Fortunately, Chen’s parents responded the situation quickly and they directly took him to the hospital, where the doctors removed it after a three-hour surgery. 

Chen was finally alright, and doctors are pretty optimistic of that. It is impossible to be aware for everything happens in your home, but you can know every single thing that will enter your house.

Shelves which are too low can easily be pull down, and even worse, if the shelf has something hurts like glass or knifes, your little child may hurt him/herself by these things.

So, before you have children, just put a plan to save your upcoming children.

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