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A Pet’s Owner Left His Dog In The Car. Now THIS Is Going Viral For An Important Reason

Authorities get hundreds of calls each summer concerning pets left alone in hot cars. Many good people walking by these cars have broken windows to save dogs, and it is illegal in many situations. A passerby can watch the animal die from heat exhaustion in order to preventing charges for the broken window. 


Lawmakers in California would like to change the existing law in hopes to avoid confrontations and tragedies like what happened in the video above by allowing people to break the window to save a distressed dog. One owner left a note in his car’s window to warn people not to break it. "The A/C was on and the dog had water. That went viral sparked debate about breaking a window.

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When You Spot A Bent Tree In The Woods, You Should Start Immediately Start Looking Around

When autumn comes and the weather begins to cool a little bit, you cannot find better time to walk in a wild. The warm sunlight coming through the trees, the beautiful colors of the leaves, and the smell of the fall are just fabulous!

When you walk through any forest, you may see some bent trees, clear Native American trail markers, according to the national website of American Forests. So when you see these trees, just start looking around directly..! as you can see a hidden secret of the nature, but there is actually a possible explanation for that.

The Indians used to strap the bent trees down, which caused them to grow in this unusual shape. The bent trees were permanent and they guided the Indians in their travels through the forest.

The Indians used the trees to mark the safe ways through the tough country. The trees also guided the Indians to find the food and water and some other landmarks. 

So, when see bent tree, just be sure that it not a quirk of the nature, but it is a guided sign.
Watch the video to see these bent trees.

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