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Doorkeeper Sees Skeleton Dog And Decides To Rescue Him Without His Owner's Will

This story speaks about a poor pit bull, who was just bones and skin and neglected by his owner! The dog was found by Clayton County maintenance worker and called the police, and has been instructed to leave him, as it would be considered theft, if he took him.

So, the worker called the animal control, who tried to awake the owner’s consciousness, with no response. The dog was found in a small cage in the street, so, the man took the dog out of his cage and rushed him to the hospital.

The veterinarian found that there were some burns on the dog’s paws. Thankfully, the dog finally made it, he managed to survive. Watch the video above to have more information.
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Dog Taped in a Box and Thrown Like a Trash By A Monster

Unacceptable Attitude of People

These days’ people love to keep pets but among them some of them keep these pets so that they may take their frustration out over these pets. This is something that has been observed very commonly all over the world and this makes people worry a lot as well.

However, when it comes to considering the situation of this story as well we can somehow see the same situation. A tied dog in a cardboard box was found to be thrown in a dumpster. The dog was taped in a box and was bleeding from its paws in a terrible way, this dog was recovered within a few hours of being dumped and since they weather was very hot that day if it wasn’t recovered it would have died. This dog was handed over to the rescue teams from the animal shelter and was then taken to a vet for treatment.

Though the dog is doing much better now and has also recovered as well but it has suffered a lot physically as well as mentally and people need to understand that these acts on their part may actually disturb the lives of these animals in the worst way.

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