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Disabled Veteran Saves An Abused Dog

Disabled Veteran saves the life of an Abused Dog and they become inseparable over the time

Time and time again, it has been shown that the dogs are a lot more than just pets. They not only guard you and keep you safe but they are your life companions and this video shows that you could do absolutely anything you want with your dog.

 It is an amazing fact that when you save the life of an abused dog, you actually help yourself more than the dog. It is because the dog will be keeping you safe forever and change your life in ways you have never imagined. Owing a dog makes you appreciate little things in life and free your soul as they have got all that it takes to be a perfect life companion. 

Steven R. Boyd is a disabled veteran who saved the life of a dog that was just about to get euthanized. Little did Boyd know that he actually saved his own life in this manner and he named the dog Djaingo. Later, Boyd explained that the dog is responsible for saving his life and that they have a really special bond between them.

Steven was so grateful to the dog that he taught him how to pray on a Christmas night and ever since that day, they have been praying together before every single meal. Just take a look at their special bond and how amazing they are with each other.

Steven is now convinced that saving a dog is a life changing thing and he is trying to convince other veterans to do the same thing and adopt a dog.

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