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Brutal Man Coaxed Cat Closer To Him Then Kicked Him Into The Black Sea.

We heard about the kind people who were comforting some stray stray animals during the heavy, cold storm in Turkey. But, this story is about a monster person, who kicks an innocent kitty into the ocean.

The clip, that was posted by Sirin Babaa, is actually from 2016. Regardless of the video, nothing has been done to the evil man. Unfortunately, nobody knows what happened to the poor kitten. The Black sea’s waters were too icy and cold.

Turkey should improve their laws about animal abuse. Watch the video to see what the monster does with the innocent cat.

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Extreme abuse

It is because of people like this that we lose faith in humanity and it makes us sick just to think about how much abuse they can bring on these innocent animals. However, just as we lose faith in humanity, we see more people coming in with compassion and kindness to help the animals. Such are the people at Hope for Paws that revive our faith in humanity with their amazing acts of saving and rescuing these animals in need.


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Hope for Paws received a call about a puppy that was beaten badly and thrown into a canal by the heartless owner. Scaling the 30-foot walls of the canal, it was surely a difficult mission to rescue the puppy. Also, the foot of the puppy was cut by the owner and he was in severe pain. However, the rescuers did well and saved the puppy named Jordan and he was brought into good care. He had a series of operations and surgeries, he was sent to live with a foster family. His transformation from a scared and abused puppy into a happy and healthy one is just remarkable.

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