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Man From Alabama Shoots And Kills 820-Pound Wild Hog In His Front Yard!

When the dog of Wade Seago would not stop barking at his house in Alabama, he knew that there was something wrong. So, he went to see what was that, and he could not believe what he saw!

He saw an 820-pound hog, with six-inch tusks, in his garden. Seago said that Cruiser, the dog, had this big hog confused by the movements and barking, but it was not enough good. So Seago didn't hesitate, and he grabbed his 38-caliber gun and killed the huge hog. He shot the feral hog three times and he also doesn't regret his actions!!

Seago said that he did not take long time to decide to shot the hog. Seago runs a taxidermy business and he is also a deer hunter. He also said that this one was the biggest one he saw until now.

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