This Is The Hottest Vet Doctor That Will Force You Get Your Dog Checked

This Is Dr. Evan Antin, From California. He is the most cute vet you have ever seen. When he started posting his photos on Instegram, many fans were asking themselves if he is the hottest veterinarian on earth. Later on the People's Magazine also named him the 'Sexiest Beast Champer'.

Since He is a professional animal veterinarian, Dr. Evan has spent many years traveling all over the world to provide medical  treatments for many animals. One more this about Dr. Antin is that he works part-time as a model, in addition to working as a personal trainer.

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Cuteness Mini Pocket Puppy

This is the cutest puppy laying inside his pocket, but my puppy will never fit there. Double check your puppy size if it can fit in your pocket before taking it to Dr. Antin.

Turtle Antin

Those who have turtles as pets, take it now to Dr. Antin to be able to take such a cute photo.



Girl's are going to say Daaamnnnn for such a photo. I want to take my pet now. And if I don't have one I will go to the nearest pets shop buy one and take it to Dr. Antin.

Same Eyes Look

Take a look at both of Dr. Antin Eyes and this puppy's eyes, aren't they have the same look. I don't care I want them both.


Attractive Position

How many girls would like to be in this cat's position right now ? I bet even if they don't have a pet yet they want to have now.


Gorgeous .... The dog and Dr. Antin, Both of them. This is how usually best friends take such photos.


After Surgery

Note the white bandage on this reptile's body, it is clear that it had a surgical operation. Now It is time to bring out tongues to say thank you.


Rabbits usually like to have their ears being touched. I am not sure about this piece of information, but mine do love that. But in fact you should Avoid the ears and feet until you know them well. Most rabbits would be scared off by a sudden foot or ear frisking.



Please Dr. Antin, could you please give those cats some privacy.

Double Duck Face

This is the real duck face smile, I bet Dr. Antin wish if he had his mobile in hand to take the cutest duck face selfie ever.


Bulldog Burger

It is time for bulldog burger meal

Examining an Iguana

Iguana is under examining, Dr. Antin has to be focused to be able to determine what this iguana is suffering from.


Forgot to wink

It is obvious that Dr. Anrin forgot to wink in this photos, but this doesn't mean it is not cute.


This is the real Wolverine, He will be the replace ment for Hugh Jackman in next X-Men movie




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