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Therapy Dog Had No One To Play With Until He Met Rescued Rat

Friendship is one of the most powerful things in world, no matter if it is between humans, animals, or animals and humans, friendship is still friendship. This story proves that in the best way ever!

Osiris, a 3-year-old Dutch shepherd therapy dog, and a 3-month-old Riff Rat have a great bond. The dog lets the rat clean his teeth! Their story was shared on Instagram and went viral! Watch the video above to have more information.
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A garbage bag was spotted moving. When it was opened, it shocked everyone

Dog abuse
It is clear that dog is the man's best friend but surely man is not the best friend of dog as thousands of cases of dog abuse come to surface often. Most of the times, these cases are so disturbing that is impossible to wrap our minds around them. The story of Charlie Bravo is the worst of them all as American Humane Association uncovers some statistics and the truth is really bitter.

Charlie Bravo's story

It happened on a usual day when two women who were walking near a dry riverbed in Messina when they saw something disturbing. They saw a garbage bag moving and when they opened it, they were shocked as there was a dog dumped inside it. It was absolutely heartbreaking and it shattered them but they reacted well to save the dog's life. The photos are pretty graphic but the women showed true care and mercy to the dog and offered him water and called the animal society to rescue the dog.

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