The abandoned and starved dog tied to a tree finally finds a forever home

The story of Ganesh

Not long ago, the story of Ganesh the dog came to the surface as he was abandoned by someone heartless and tied to a tree. The puppy was starving to death and had lost a lot of weight. However, the kindhearted neighbors decided to take some action and they ran away to fetch him some food and water. They were also shocked to see a man coming from the gate 20 minutes later so they took the dog home to take care of him.



The dog was given a much needed warm bath to wash off dirt and fleas from him. As soon as they rescued the dog, they knew that the dog was in a much need of medical attention so Stephanie set up a GoFundMe account for him. The donations soon started to flood in and just in a day, there was much to take care of his medical needs and other expenses. Ganesh soon got better and found a forever home with Simba, a Labrador, Piper, a German Shepherd, Leighla, a mixed breed and Kitkat, the little cat.


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