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Stray Dogs Were Alone At Bus Station In Freezing Weather, Then They Got Warm Beds

There are many kind people who always help stray dogs in many ways. This story speaks about a group of these people, who work in a bus station in Brazil, and came up with a unique idea to help stray dogs.

They transformed car tires into comfortable beds for dogs, by bringing old blankets and bedspreads. The employees named the dogs, Zoinho, Pitoco, and Max. Thankfully, they now get water and food, and blankets. How smart! Watch the video above to have more information.
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Viral burned Dog Photo Myth Revealed And The Internet Calms Down

Burned dog story

Not many days ago, this story rose on the surface about a dog that was allegedly burned and disfigured. The image was shared by thousands of dog lovers on the social media and the internet got behind it to know the real reason. Stephen Roseman is the name of the people who asked people to send prayers for his dog as he claimed that he threw a big slice of ham on the dog's face but no one was able to guess that he was joking.


Uncovering the story

What Roseman was actually trying to do is to make fun of the posts that people post on Facebook that ask people to do the same for children and animals. While some people did think that it was a funny gesture but some of them took it seriously. This is because Roseman had written 'This poor dog was badly burned and disfigured trying to save his family from a house fire

One like = one prayer

One share = ten prayers"

Comments from people poured in and people got really concerned about the dog until Thursday morning when he wrote that their prayers have worked wonder and the dog has made a full recovery.

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