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Staying Cautious with Food!

Keeping an Eye on What your Dog Eats!

Feeding your dog is always something very essential but it doesn't mean that once you are done with bringing the stock of feed you may stay free. Well, you need to keep a check on every ingredient you dog has been consuming in the form of food. At times the food we human eat may not be suitable for animals and may turn deadly as well. Therefore keeping an eye on the entire ingredient list is very important factor.

Killing Ingredient!

These days a commonly known ingredient by the name of xylitol is found to be present in every dog's favorite peanut butter. Many brands incorporate this ingredient in their product and many of them do not. When humans consume it nothing happens but for the dog it may turn deadly. It causes head issues like traumas, hemorrhage and tumor among dogs. Therefore, keeping a keen eye on food ingredient of your dog food proves very important to save their life. As for peanut butter it may be prepared easily at home as well. You simply need to blend roasted peanuts with some salt and the best peanut butter is all set for your pet.

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Buried alive and then rescued, this is got to be the luckiest dog ever

Inhumane and the cruelest act

There is no reason or logic behind this that why some people are so cruel towards the animals. They just keep on hurting these poor and defenseless creatures without feeling a thing for them. Pedro Dinis is a guy in Paris who was just taking a walk with his dog on a normal day when he saw something unforgettable. What he saw was enough to put anyone in a traumatic mood. However, the good thing is that he was there to help the poor dog.


The rescue

At first, he thought that it was the dog sitting in the dirt but he soon found out that the French mastiff had been buried alive. At first, only the head of the dog was visible and thankfully Pedro was there so he helped her get out of there. To add to worse, her leash was tied to a sack of gravel so she couldn't even escape if she wanted to.

The dog was in a state of shock and was dehydrated so Pedro and his dog helped her and gave her water to drink. The great news is that the police were able to track down the owner of the dog who denied having anything to do with this instance but sources say that he is the one responsible for this. He is expected to be put on trial and be punished for this inhumane act of savagery.

It is really tragic to see animals in that much pain and suffering because of their owners. However, the faith in humanity is restored when compassionate people like Pedro help the animals and make them recover. It is because of people like him that we believe that there is a hope left in this world.

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