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Spotting The Problem Of Arthritis In Dogs

Not only does arthritis affect humans, you can also find arthritis in dogs as well. This medical problem can occur in dogs of all age groups. Although it is more common at old age, yet a lot of young dogs are falling prey to this problem.

It is important to note that one in five dogs in the US suffers from arthritis. This is the reason why you should get your little dog checked up at the earliest, if he is not feeling cent percent alright. If the dog shows reduced rates of body activity and finds discomfort in moving and walking around, it may be the first symptom of the onset of arthritis.

How To Spot Arthritis In Dogs?

Naturally, your dog can't tell by seeing a dog if it is suffering from arthritis. You need to keep your eyes wide open so that you can analyze whether or not he is suffering from any such problems. Look for these signs as they can help you track arthritis in the early stage.

General discomfort: If your little dog finds any trouble in moving around, it is likely that he may be facing the problem of arthritis.

Sleeping troubles: If your dog faces some problem even while sleeping, it suggests that arthritis may be in its incipient stage and you should consult a doctor at the earliest.

Problem in jumping: Dogs are by nature energetic and tend to jump and run a great deal. If your dog is hesitant to jump and run, it means that they may be facing problems with movements and this is one of the top and the most striking characteristics of arthritis in dogs.

Behavioral changes: If there are significant changes in behavior of the dog and if it is gaining weight as well, it can hint at the onset of arthritis and a check up is recommended to be sure of the problem.

Therapies For Arthritis In Dogs

There are different types of treatment and therapies that one can use for treating the problem of arthritis in dogs. Make sure to implement the right diet regime for your dogs. At the same time, ask your vet to administer for some pain alleviating drugs that can help your dog get temporary relief. Generally, non steroidal drugs are used for treating the problem of acute pain.

Sometimes, even after trying all the different forms of medication, your dog may not be able to get rid of arthritis. In such cases, you may have to resort to surgical solutions. You have to check the details with the vet before going ahead with the procedure. You need to be acquainted with the right after- surgery care instructions and give your dog the right time to recuperate and become healthy again.

When you are looking to seek the right treatment for curing arthritis in dogs, it is important that you seek medical help at the earliest.

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