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Recently Adopted Dog Can't Sleep Every Night Until He Slept With His Brother

This story speaks about Hedgie, who has been through a rough life, he never knew any happiness, or joyfulness, as he had been chained outside for his whole life.

Hedgie was afraid of everything and everyone. Fortunately, he was adopted but used to hid his head under the table.
One night, everything changed, when Mason decided to take his pet brother to sleep with him in the same bed. They directly became best friends, and Hedgie started acting so well. Watch the video above to have more information.
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This is the story of a dog found at a high-kill shelter in Texas that looked like an emaciated stray but the there was a collar around his neck that told a different story. The dog was in such a bad shape that he would just keep lying down and the workers thought it would be best to just put him down.

Atago is the name of the dog that also had a severe case of mange and even his body was covered in mites. At some point, it even looked like that the owner tied the dog outside and forgot about the dog. Cindy Droogmans is the founder of A-Team ELITE Rescue Dogs and she saved his life.

It was clear that the dog had a post a little more troubling than that of a stray so he got a lot of TLC after getting out of the shelter. He loves long walks with his new owner and is well on his way to full recovery.

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