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Puppy escapes death and makes an unbelievable recovery


If you are not aware of the term then let us tell you that it is an inhumane process of killing those animals that nobody wants or those who have an incurable or painful disease. Kirsty is one of those dogs as she had a serious skin disease that made her lose a lot of her fur. This made her look unattractive and that's why no one adopted her until vet Ranch approached her and saved her from getting euthanized. Dr. Karri got hold of Kristy and she was shaking because of the humans arms around her.


Special treatment for Kristy

It comforts us to know how well she was treated when vet Ranch approached as her only course of treatment became a mange shampoo and a good amount of TLC. The result was that she started growing her hair and there were blankets, warm baths and showers to keep her warm. There were toys for her to play with and it just took a few weeks before she got on her feet and became normal. Now she is waiting for someone to take her to a forever home and all of this have been made possible because of Dr. Ranch.

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