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Passionate seal loves to get his fish from a restaurant!

The food ritual

It is no surprise that once you start feeding an animal, they are never going to skip a meal and always come to you to feed them. This is like a food ritual that is super hard to break and who would want to say no to an adorable pair of puppy eyes, innocently asking for food? This story is from Dublin, Ireland where this animal has gotten accustomed to asking for meal from this restaurant for quite a while.


Sammy the harbor seal hops right up and out of the water and asks for his food and he has been doing that for so long that some residents know him all their lives. He even crosses a two lane street and likes to have his favorite fish and some seafood. Workers at The Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant know him really well. Sometimes, they want to shoo him away and sometimes they toss this silly seal some scraps. Watch the video to see what happens when two Jack Russel Terriers join in this crazy venture.

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This curious cat has a questionnaire.

Christmas is a festive time but funny as well, especially if you have a pet cat. Put a positive charge on the Christmas tree and a negative charge on your cat and suspend them in a field, they'll attract each other like crazy.

This video tells us about the thought process of the cat when she sees a Christmas tree. Which is hilarious in epic proportions. It is a cat comparing her response and behavior to the Christmas activities by her owners. Her thoughts are that of a naughty toddler. She considers the decorations of the Christmas tree to eatable treats and toys. Cats generally like to play with threads and so she wants to tangle all the ribbon up and so wants to taste the branches of the tree.

It is funny but we need to see that a cat does not swallow something that gets caught up in her intestine and can be harmful. There are only innocent animals after all.

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