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Neglected Dog Is Now Ready To Take His First Steps Inside His New Home

This story speaks about Zoltan, a senior pit bull, who was found by cops in New York. New York Bully Crew took the poor dog who was chained to a fence as they know how to treat with this breed.

Thankfully, Zoltan was adopted by Cynthia, who decided to show him how life should be lived. Thanks to Cynthia, who dedicated that part of her life to give Zoltan what he missed in his life. Watch the video above to have more information.
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The maker of this video set up a camera the previous night to capture the cute morning routine of his beautiful gray dog. It turns out that she wakes him up every single morning by meowing for attention. No one knows from where she picked up her cat-like traits, but she certainly enjoys behaving like a cat in the mornings at least.


She is like an alarm clock that wakes the owner up at exactly the same time each day. It is also really funny how she goes back to bed when the owner tells her to do so. She comes back after a while to wake him up again and it seems almost like he hits the snooze button of the alarm clock by asking her to let him sleep for a little longer. With her persistence and her meowing, she finally manages to wake her daddy up. This video is incredibly funny and just so cute!

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