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Neglected Dog Is Now Ready To Take His First Steps Inside His New Home

This story speaks about Zoltan, a senior pit bull, who was found by cops in New York. New York Bully Crew took the poor dog who was chained to a fence as they know how to treat with this breed.

Thankfully, Zoltan was adopted by Cynthia, who decided to show him how life should be lived. Thanks to Cynthia, who dedicated that part of her life to give Zoltan what he missed in his life. Watch the video above to have more information.
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Resting in the Garden this Cat Greeted the Crow Well

Nobody Knew this Relation Will Go So Well
This story is something so surprising that very rarely such examples come into being and seen and observed by people. Normally cats do not prefer playing with any other specie nor crows get along with kittens but here in this story what we can see is something extremely surprising.

This cat was one fine afternoon resting in the yard and a crow came over, it was expected that the cat will react and in the end the crow has to go but something entirely opposite happened. This cat started playing with the crow and they both started to spend days and nights together. The cat used to rest with the crow, the cat used to eat with the crow and they bother even were observed playing as well. This entire story is something that may surprise many people at once and yet does something great for these species.
This video is an immense example of love and care which animals may have for one another and here this example is outstanding because normally crows and cats never get along with each other this way like here these two did even the owners are surprised.

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