Mysterious alien like creature found in California after US Navy Missile test

Alien-like creature

This picture has been revolving and shared massively on the internet and it has caused the social media to go berserk because of its nature. It is a Facebook user named Gianna Peponis who posted this picture of a pink and slimy creature on Facebook. She said that she heard something around 11:30 and when she went to the back of her garden, she found this strangest thing lying dead there. To add to the mystery here, the photo was uploaded just after a light streak was seen over the sky in California.


Uncovering the truth

There is not a single theory that can be branded as the most credible or that comes up with full facts and figures. However, the indication of the light on the sky led many of the people to believe that it was an UFO. The US Navy said that it was a trident missile that was put to test and since then there has been a flood of comments about the photo. Some are calling it an alien and some are even branding it as a premature calf.


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