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Man Built A House For Pregnant Dog To Give Birth In, When Comes Back Finds Cat With 4 Kittens

Actually, you have to feel with the stray animals, that still wander streets. Especially, in the harsh climate circumstances, as you are having c a cup of coffee beside the fireplace, they are suffering to get some warmth in the streets.

Thankfully, there are many kind people, who feel in these poor animals, and this story speaks about one of them. This good Samaritan saw a stray pregnant dog struggling to find a place to stay in, so, he built a tiny house for her to give birth in it.
The man came back later to check up on the dog and he was completely surprised! He found a mother cat with her 4 newborn kittens. So, he directly took his phone and caught the moment. Watch the video above to have more information.
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Tom Taylor, who works for Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) stated that the monkey didn’t realize that he was being rescued. However, Plus were determined to help him and named him Rocket. It is a common practice in Thailand to shoot monkeys and he was one lucky monkey to survive this attack.

While he survived this ordeal, there is another problem that he is quite overweight. At present, he resides in a rehabilitation center in WFFT and will get better as the time goes.

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