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Family Dog Has Final Look Into Owner's Casket , The Footage Breaks Internet Hearts

The video above shows a touching moment for a dog, who had a chance to say goodbye to her owner.

Sadie, a 13-year-old dog, was raised from she was a little pup by Andy Baelieu, who suddenly passed away because of a heart attack. Unfortunately, Sadie lost about 10 pounds after just ten days of Andy’s death. She did not eat anything until she said goodbye and got closure from her dad casket. Watch the video above to have more information.
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Real ingredients of Blue Buffalo finally exposed – You must know these facts!

Blue buffalo exposed

A lot of time it happens that a competition between the competitors usually ends up as a benefit for the customers. In this case, it was Purina that was bent on catching the discrepancies of Blue Buffalo and final it succeeded in doing so. They caught an advertising lie of Blue Buffalo that they didn't use a by-product in their products. Purina did some testing on Blue Buffalo's products and decided to sue them. Only last week when a whole year has passed to this incident, Blue Buffalo decided to admit publicly that they used a by-product in dog's meal.

Blue Buffalo also decided to ask the court for additional time to resolve this as they named their ingredient suppliers as the real defendants. Furthermore, a spokesman of Purina told the local newspaper that despite the admission, Blue Buffalo has still not told the public about the poultry by-product meal in Blue Buffalo. Rather than accepting the responsibility, they are shifting the blame to the ingredient suppliers.

It was May 6, 2014 when Purina filed a lawsuit against Blue Buffalo for false advertising and their CEO responded to this lawsuit angrily. He called it voodoo science and told the public expressly that there was no chicken or poultry by-product used in their products. The spokesman of Purina, Schopp said that it was until they provided an undeniable proof that Blue Buffalo didn't admit it publically. Still it is unknown whether the practice has stopped or if there are still those products available in the market.

Blue Buffalo is such a huge company that it sells over a billion dollars' worth of pet food and spends millions on its ad campaign. Still they told their customers over and over again that their products were free of any type of by-products. Now Blue Buffalo is beating around the bush and is claiming that it had no knowledge about the presence of the by-products but any manufacturer must know about the ingredients being used. So Blue Buffalo should now issue an apology to its customers for false advertisement and concealing the facts.


How should you take precautions?

If you own a dog then it's your primary responsibility to make sure that the dog food that you are buying is perfectly healthy. The tricky part is to make sure that the dog food is what the label says and just like Blue Buffalo that falsely claimed it didn't use any by-product, there are a lot of other companies that do this as well. The best chance of a normal person knowing about the facts is when a competitors reveals the evil plans of the other company. Most often, the chances of a bug company getting exposed like this are one in a million and therefore there arises a need for improved oversights.

So there are chances of you paying for high quality chicken but getting something else instead. There is a difference between a poultry by-product and a poultry meal as the former consists of ground and clean parts of carcass of slaughtered poultry as the latter is nothing but a dry rendered product of a clean and dry skin. Despite the fact that there is no scientific proof that by-product is bad for dogs, still it is unhygienic, synthetic and certainly not worth the value.



So in order to make sure that you are paying top-dollar for quality goods, you should check if the ingredients of the products are sourced from USDA inspected are healthy for dogs. Check the origin of the ingredients as a lot of the companies provide partial answers in order to conceal the facts. So the first priority is to check all the information on the products and prefer homemade meal but if you can't then do a proper checkup before buying the dog food. 

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