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Elderly Dog Is About To Be Euthanized. Than One Vet Stops The Process After One Look To His Eyes

Emu, a senior dog, was thrown at the vet to be euthanized. But fortunately, the vet saw that this nice dog still wanting to live.
So, the vet decided to take him to Sidewalk Specials’ Adoption Day event, instead of euthanizing him. He found a foster to live with. And Vet Point also took him to begin the healing process.


Firstly, he was really nervous, but after realizing that these people were there just to help him, he started waving. He was very sweet and friendly, regardless of what happened with him.
He really loved to take the people’s attention, and to be love. We all know that adopting senior dog is not easy, but his nice foster rejected to give him up.
Finally, he was adopted by a kind family who were in the Adoption Day Event. They stayed with him all the day and give him a bath to make him feel safe.

He loved attention and just wanted to love and be love. But adopting out an older dog is not easy, let alone one that isn’t in the best shape like Emu. But his foster refused to give up.


He was given new name, Nutzie, after settling in his new house. And his family also have another dog called Sahara, and they both are really inseparable.
Thankfully, the kind people are still alive to save these kind creatures, which Emu ‘Nutzie’ was one of them. Watch the video above to see his amazing transformation.
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