An Old Dog Has Been Left Behind In A Dog Shelter By Her Family, Her Reaction Is Heartbreaking

Adopting a senior dog

It is strange that how everyone is super interested and excited about adopting a cute little puppy but no one pays attention to an aged dog. The fact is that adopting a senior dog has lots of advantages as you already know what their personality is like and they are also properly trained. Dessie is a 14-year old dog who bore the pain of being left behind at a shelter by her family. She was placed in a lonely kennel on Sunday afternoon and she was absolutely devastated.

The tragic fact is that most of the pets of this age have no life expectancy. This is because they are soon euthanized if not rescued, fostered or picked up by an organization shortly afterwards. She was checked by vets after she was left and she has average health considering her age and she needs to be treated with more respect and dignity. Please share the story of Dessie so that a loving family could adopt her and she gets to live her final days in peace. For more information about Dessie, you can call at 305-884-1101.


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