Amazingly brave cop stops EVERYTHING to rescue scared pregnant dog

An amazing example

Police officers have been finding themselves in the criticism field for some time but this brave officer just won millions of hearts by doing a great thing. We are sure that animal lovers would want to give him some sort of special commendation to praise his heroic and selfless behavior. This is the answer to everyone who asks if there are good and honest police officers in the world.


Their job is not so easy as we think as they have to put our safety first and risk their own lives to keep the peace. This is the story of officer Bryan Taylor who saw a pregnant dog in the traffic while on duty. There was a danger that the dog would get hit by some car and there were some citizens trying to coax the dog.

He brought himself closer to the dog by kneeling in grass to win the trust of the dog and kept her calm until the owner arrived. This was a remarkable thing he did that he wasn't bound to do but his kindness is hugely appreciated for this.

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