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A Waman Finds Something Unexpected On Her Horse Head

Chickaleta on horse

Nancy is a horse owner in Elk City, Oklahoma and she is a huge fan of horse and has one of her own. Sure, horses are so much fun and she has a barn as well where hilarious things keep happening. Just on a normal day, she gets out to check horses and she gets a hilarious surprise which made her record this moment and share it with us.

Rocky the horse was in the barn when a Chickaleta walked into it and she was in desperate need of some sleep. She must have tried to find some place cozy and comfortable but all in vain so she decided to take a nap on Rocky's head. This is hilarious and adorable at the same time as the horse cares for her and doesn't move so she can complete her nap.

Even when Chickaleta wakes up and starts walking on the horse, Rocky stays calm and gentle. He certainly doesn't want the Chickaleta to be disturbed and this act of Rocky has made him a YouTube celebrity.

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To find lost items, the crew checks the plane after each flight for things that may have been accidentally left behind. The staff at the airport also monitors social media outlets closely to look for reports of lost items. The Beagle then runs in, wearing a special coat with compartments that lost items can be placed in, before running to find the items' rightful owners.


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