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Weather Presenter Gets Confused When A Giant Seagull Shows Up

She couldn’t keep her promise when she said she won’t let him distract her,

Tara Jean Stevens didn’t expect to see this during one of her shows on T.V, she hosts the Canadian morning show Vancouver’s Breakfast Television, and she is presenting the forecast everyday.
Stevens lost control and started to laugh while delivering the forecast on Tuesday, because the seagull wanted to grab the audience attention, this amazing bird, acts like he is aware of what he was doing when he leaned his wings back facing the station’s live skyline camera, looking incredibly gigantic.
Even though Stevens failed to stay calm during the interruption of the bird, she admitted that the seagull made the segment better, “absolutely one of the best moments of in my career” she later said.
Lucky Stevens, the seagull seemed to love cameras and shows, he showed up again on Friday, “the seagull is back!” Stevens said, as the seagull moves his feathers up and down.
The audience is eager to see the seagull again and again, “they should give him a full time contract” Stevens said.
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