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Watch This Pup While Trying To Share His Bone With His Reflection, This Has Gone Viral!

Animals in general can do some weird actions, and the video below shows one of these actions.

The video shows a crazy dog trying to share his bone with his reflection :) how cute he is!
Make sure to watch the video till the end.
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Cops Drive 770 Miles To Find Dog Who Survived After His Owner Passed Away In A Car Crash

A cop from Alabama went a very long distance to reunite a sorrowful family with their beloved dog.

The 19-year-old Mckenzie Catron died the last weekend in a car crash in Dothan, AL on spring break. Mckenzie's car ran off the street and hit a post of a utility. Carton did not survive, but the passenger in her car did. Of course, the passenger was critically injured, but he finally survived. The first one on the scene was Sgt. Jonathan Whaley. Witnesses told Whaley that they saw a dog running from the damaged car, while they rush the passenger to the hospital.

Whaley told Fox 5 Atlanta that they felt that we needed to find that dog. He added that they were going to do what we could to get this back to this family.

Firemen, cops, and eventually many volunteers searched in the area looking for Catron's dog, Kai. A group on Facebook was also started to help the search efforts. People started to comb the area and alerted the people to the missing pit bull by posting posters. Cherry & Irwin Trial Lawyers, a local company, put up a $1,000 reward. The reward money was fronted by one of the lawyers called Benjamin Irwin, who finally found Kai. However, the nice pit bull did not come easily, which took 8 other volunteers in addition to Irwin to chase the dog down side streets and into few yards before concerning her and could hold her by the collar.

Irwin also said that "I know if I were them I would want the last perceptible thing for someone I loved"

Irwin plans to give the reward to the shelter which Kai was adopted from. When Kai was finally found, Whaley packed his family up and decided to drive to Bentonville, AK, to reach Catron's family. The family were really stunned by Whaley's act of generosity.
Catron's mother, Kendra Mulherin said that the presence of the dog would help them to recover after this tragedy.

Mulherin told KHBS that they consider Kai as a part Of their daughter, and we finally found it. And we can now start recovering. Police are still investigating to know the real reason of the crash. While the passenger in the crash is still in the hospital.

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