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Trapped Deer Thought That No One Will Come To Rescue Him, But A Hero Came…

A cop from the Rapid City Police Department shows that he loves to serve animals in addition to humans.

Richard Holt, senior cop from Rapid City, South Dakota, answered to a call, in the early morning of Thursday, that there was a deer stuck in a fence Anamosa Street bridge over I-90.

The poor deer was really in need for an immediate help, and it was obvious that he was really struggling and can’t free himself from the fence. The cop threw a warm blanket over the poor deer down to calm it, and he can free it.

The rescue was posted on Facebook by the Rapid City Police Department, and the post viewed more than 147,000 times. Holt said that as a cop, you never know what will face you, so you have to do what you can to solve the problem that may face you.

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