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Puppy who is trained to be sheepdog, brings herd of sheep into the kitchen!

Actually, it takes long time of practice to be an effective sheep-herder

The dogs are trained by their owners for months, to prevent the mistakes that may happen in future. This mistake is possibly the funniest ever.

Rocky, a 7-month-old dog, is training for his new career as a sheepdog in Devon, England. Rosalyn Edwards, the owner, has been working with her Border Collie and clearly, things are going well.

One day, a strange sound comes into Rosalyn’s house, which makes her to turn around. She sees a surprising thing! There are 9 sheep in the kitchen! Her son and husband had left the gate open and Rocky figured that he would show his skills off. He led the sheep into Rosalyn’s kitchen, instead of leading them to the pen

Rosalyn said that she firstly thought that it was fun time, but then there was a lot of mud, wee, and poo everywhere. Then she took the sheep back to the pen. Watch the video to have more information.

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Even after going through this over and over again, I am still in a state of shock because this is how unbelievable this really sounds. Alsu Ivanchenko owned snowflake who is a cute 3-month-old Maltese puppy but a tragedy struck as his leg was broken. She took her dog to a veterinarian for the necessary treatments.

However, when she was given a bill, she refused to proceed with the treatment of the dog. There was no option for her so she thought that the best thing would be to simply ditch the puppy and get rid of the expense. So, she stuffed the puppy into a black bag and threw it out just like that. Gosh! She could have reached out to any shelter or RSPCA, only if she had a heart.

The good thing is that a passerby saw this happened and he uncovered the truth before taking the puppy to a hospital. The police was also able to track the woman down and upon questioning, she said that she couldn’t pay the bill so she threw the puppy out.

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