Teacher Finds 7-Year-Old Girl With Bloodied, Bruised After Her Tongue Being Stuck In A Monsters Inc Cup

A woman called Natalie McDonald is warning the people who bought a Monsters Inc cup from The Disney Store. The tongue of Megan, her 7-year-old daughter, had stuck in the cover of that cup as she was at school. So, they immediately took her to the hospital to remove her tongue, with a drill and hacksaw!!


Even though that the store took the product off, but maybe many people bought one before the store took them off.

Some officials from the school tried to get Megan’s tongue free, as there were no ventilation holes in the cover. The mug was heavy as there are some water in it, and the little girl had begun to panic.

Megan’s tongue, that was stuck for many hours inside the cup, was very purple when the staff removed the cup.

The hospital said that they’ve never seen a situation like this, which caused them to use a drill and a hacksaw to remove the tongue.

The Disney Store said that they were stopping all sales (online and in stores) and destroying what remains from this stock.

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