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Namtan Had Tiny Chance Of Surviving, She Was Starving, And Her Nose Had Been Cut – Her Rescuers Refused To Give Her Up!

When Namtan the dog was first seen by rescuers she was in distress with not much hope of existence, as well as she had been tormented very severely.
Her nose had been roughly cut and because of she could not eat, she was dying of hunger. Fortunately for this dog, a rescue group who normally save elephants stopped her.
The Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand is known for saving elephants, however their kindness extends to other animals too. So they knew when they saw Namtan that they had to rescue her.

Her snout was dangling from her face when they found her on the street. It had been cut off, probably by a machete or knife.

She was grappling by this hard situation to eat, and it was such a challenge fo her to find food that she had resorted to eating her own feces.
For her rescuers to it was very harsh to find a veterinarian willing to give Namtan the life-saving surgery she needed.

They asked many vets that told them the surgery would be out of the question since her injury given it had been a long time. However, they lastly the vet who is willing to try and give her the life-saving surgery was found.

We appreciate the surgeon’s extraordinary efforts, Namtan pulled through! Seeing her after her surgery it was hard for me to believe it.

The dog Namtan was eager to get going and since her operation; her injury has healed well. In the loving care of her rescuers! she’s now living at The Elephant Park Sanctuary.

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