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Water and Fun truly comes hand in hand for a dog, Read it to believe it

Dogs, water and fun those three words can never be separated. In contrast with their rivals cats, dogs don't hesitate to jump in and enjoy their wet day and certainly don't mind how they get this chance either it's in a pool, beach or a fountain, they just won't miss it.

Whenever we talk about dogs having fun there is one thing every dog likes playing fetch but doing it in water is like hitting a jackpot for every dogs and you can be sure about one thing the cutest expression you are going to see from your pet.

The dogs are probably the only animal who could smile but it's not very easy to come by unless you give them what they love. The joy on their faces is absolutely lovely and a true delight to watch specially when you have been in confinement or subjected to atrocities from some inhuman creature but everything brightens up in a dogs world even the rescue dogs once they are given the opportunity to play in the water. You notice some varied reactions from dogs when in come to water, some like it sitting in bath tub all nice and cool and some like going absolutely when even in sight of water.

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The Owner Asks Her Dog : ' Who Is Your Best Friend ? ', His Answer Is Hilarious!

This video we have for you is the perfect and the sweetest example of true unconditional love and friendship. We have been emphasizing from time and again that dogs are not just the most loyal and faithful animals there is, but also the best friends anyone can have!

In this short video watch two dogs as their mom asks one of them, 'Lottie, who is your best friend?" and Lottie goes on to hug her best friend who is standing right next to her. This seems so adorable and amazing as the word 'best friend" is associated in her mind with the best friend standing right beside her and who is also her best buddy.


It seems so good when dogs exhibit this level of care and love for each other. We have learnt from time and again that dogs can be the real friends in need for anyone. They go on and prove themselves as the most loyal and show their unconditional love no matter if the other person is another dog, another animal or its young ones, a human or a child.

This video further reinforces our belief that dogs are the best friends to have for anyone.

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