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Older Sibling Gorilla Tries To Harass His Baby Brother , Then Mom Steps In To Stop Him

This video proves the sibling rivalry. It does not matter if you are 6 years old or sixty-six, a girl or a boy, you’ll always find time to joke with your sibling. the animal kingdom you belong to, the gender, and the race are all discussing points when it is the time to have fun with your relative. And it is obvious that gorillas are completely the prankster.

Watch these gorillas from the Twycross Zoo in England. I am sure that you can’t stop the video till it ends. There is always something like this in the zoos. Look at this gorilla who is harassing his baby brother by grabbing him many times, how adorable they are. While the baby would always prefer his mom to take care of him. Make sure to watch the video till the end, do not miss this funny footage.

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