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She Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Her Dogs Do When She Is Out. You Will Be Surprised By What You See.

Some dog owners have another dog as they don't want their loyal companion to be lonely.
If there is a friend besides, this makes the dog adapting in an easy way.

So, their mother leaves, they'll not stay lonely. They can play together. But, the owner put a camera to see what the dogs are doing when she leaves them, as she still worried. The reactions of the dogs will shock you.

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Dogs are mostly found to be extremely intelligent and they are sometimes not so easy to train. Those like Macie do not have the temperament to please their masters and owners. Golden retrievers are the obedient type. Chow Chows are like Macie who believes in pleasing herself first and gives less priority to responding to the motivation and training techniques. These types of dogs do not like nor tolerate physical punishment and they cannot be forced into doing anything that they do not like at a particular moment. Punishing such dogs will end up in breaking their spirit or making them vicious. They will be willing to do what suits their mood at a given time. They are independent thinkers and like to make their own decisions. They would like to be treated with dignity and respect and will return the sentiments if they find their owners worthy of receiving the same.

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